Would you like to host Bob Burg’s Genuine Influence or Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way program in your city and bring great value to your business community? And position yourself strongly as a true center of influence, as well? If so, then contact Kathy Tagenel to learn know more about Bob Burg’s innovative City Partner Program.

The Benefits of Being a City Partner:

  • Bring great value to your business community
  • Position yourself as a true center of influence
  • Build strong relationships with other businesses in your community
  • Opportunity to earn a percentage of net revenue in this for-profit venture
  • Opportunities for future events with Bob and other speakers

The buzz from our City Partners:

“What a fantastic day we had with Bob Burg last Friday.

Bob was everything he was cracked up to be, and more — delightful, engaging, entertaining and, most importantly, GIVING.

And while there are hundreds of things to admire about Bob and his message, what impresses us the most is he walks his talk. The day was filled with value that everyone agreed far exceeded the price of the ticket.

Thank you, Bob, for a WONDERFUL day!”

~ Gill Wagner, Founder & Chairman of the Board, Yellow-Tie International

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